A mooring made in heaven 

What they say about houses

River Aare Sunset

I built and bought several homes over the years. One of the most frequented insights an architect or banker shares is: “You can change a lot in your home (of course, they’ll offer their services) but you can’t change the location”. 

Too true!

The same goes for your neighbors, kind of. 

When I bought the new ship this summer, the owner of the ship yard sold me on his wisdom:

“A waterside property in this country costs millions, if you actually get one at all. If you do, chances are that your neighbor is an asshole.

When you meet an asshole out here: you simply turn the key.” 

I think about this ever minute when I enjoy the sunsets on the river and I couldn’t be more grateful about a little personal wisdom that helped me to simply do it and buy the boat and rent THIS mooring.

Morning Discovery


My neighbor's balcony separator was lit by the waking sun this morning. It projected her plants onto the separator wall.


This animated me for this project:

Captured emotions

I am guilty of rushing through my life. Pretty much like most people. But I found a way to create and hold on to visual-emotional moments that mean something to me.

Being blessed to live in a safe and beautiful country (after some rather dark times in my earlier life as a political prisoner in communist East Germany) and being able to travel the world is more one can ask for. I am truly grateful.

To maximize my travel experience I have learned that seeking out motives, visions that also speak to me emotionally is a fine way to interact with my surroundings more intensely.

This way I have come to appreciate places, people, smells, light, customs and so much more with great compassion.

Creating and enjoying these experiences and sharing them here at the Capturama domain with you is my way of giving back and giving thanks for a wonderful life.